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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Checking in

Trying to check in more often, as I realize when I'm talking about my issues, I tend to make slightly better choices.

Last December I got to go to Jamaica for my cousin's wedding. It was fabulous!  Her photographers were very sneaky, and it is so funny that every 3 months or so, about 200 more pictures get put up on facebook.  Most of the time I run to untag, because let's face it, they are usually pretty darn hideous.  I was very surprised to see one this week, that wasn't horrible.  Usually I have 1 profile pic (Its on blogger as well) that I use.  Its actually from 2006, but I like it, and it is my "universal profile pic."  After the recent bout of wedding picts, I switched my profile picture! I do enjoy the attempt to cover my "chins."  I still have no eyes, mostly because my cheeks are large and in-charge, but overall, I'm happy with it.

Here's one more: 

I will admit to cropping the large belly out of the 2nd picture.. so sue me.

On to other, more painful things.  I went to the clinic Thursday morning after the big burn on Tuesday night.  I stopped by the pharmacy first and asked if there was anything over the counter that I could get, or if I needed to go to the clinic to get a prescription.  I am an obsessive researcher, and by this time, I was pretty certain it was a solid superficial 2nd degree (partial thickness burn).  She said I needed to go to the clinic.  I went, paid my $20 copay, got a prescription, paid $10.99 for that and realized it was the same damn thing I could get on the shelf!  The same units of "active ingredients" and everything!  GRRRR.

My burn looks gross.  Apparently 2nd degree burns look worse after a couple of days.  I have no problem with "icky" pictures, but be aware if you are squeamish.  I posted a pic of my burn the day after on Wednesday.  Here is what it looked like on Thursday.

Are you sure you want to look?

ICKY!  And of course, the first kiddo I see for therapy on Friday - kicks me - and busts half of my blisters.  GRR.  I'm finding it difficult to keep covered.  Official measurements 6.5 x 4.4 --- Its a fairly large area.  I bought some large surgical dressings but can't seem to find tape that will stick to my fatty stomach.  The burn is below my belly button - on the "pooch."  Right in the way of all my pants.  A zipper is a no go.  14-21 days to heal.  ICKY!  So I've been wearing maxi dresses / skirts for the last couple of days, and had to go buy another the other day just for variety.  It doesn't really hurt unless rubbed against, so if I just hang out, no problems.  I did attempt to tape it up with some athletic tape (on the borders of the dressing last night) so that I could go to the gym.  About 35 minutes in (just walking on treadmill) I had to give up.  Icky sweat made things rub and chafe and it was getting rather painful.  I'm not really sure what I should do.  I'm out of my aqua classes until it heals, and can't yet find a way to do land stuff.  I really am ready to get back on track, and I don't know that its going to happen for at least a few more days.  :-(  


  1. Wow girl I tried not to look but damn!!!!! That looks so painful so sorry.

    New pics are great! I'm a picture horror constantly taking them.

  2. Owie! I hope it heals fast. I had a tiny burn on my left thumb and forefinger and I thought THAT was bad!

  3. That looks awful! I couldn't imagine! I'm a little wimpy baby when I burn my finger cooking!! I LOVE that 2nd pic! (the first is good too, but the 2nd is super awesome!)