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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Week 1 on the new goals

I'm here.  I said I was going to be checking in more often, and I really am.  I lost this week!  -1.6 to 299.4

I'm back under the ugly 300 and I'm really planning on staying under it!

I go in this week for my next visit with my doc, and I'm not looking forward to the "talkin' to" that I'll probably get.  I definitely don't feel like I'm in any sort of "green zone"  Some breads give me a rough time, but if there isn't breads, I can eat way more than I need to.  I have been trying to stop anyway, but it just doesn't keep me full.  So, I'm looking for another fill this week.

I am keeping up with the rest of my goals though.  I've been at the gym, continuing my C25K prep.  I just finished week 3 today.  Next week comes the dreaded 5 minute jog.  Yikes!

On the life side - My sister is getting married next week and so I've got a TON of stuff to get done this week in prep.  I have people staying with me while they are in town and I hate that since I'm always worried they are judging me for my decor / organization etc.

Anyway, I'm here, I'm progressing (slow, but moving forward) and while I'm not posting a ton, I still read all of yours, so please keep putting it out there.  I get my inspiration from you guys!


  1. As ususal Sara we are right on point with each other. Too funny.

    Bread gives me problems too, but if its not bread like substance I gots no issues. I'm convinced I am overeating good choices.

    I go see my doc too this week for another fill.

    We are cute! Have a great time at your sister's wedding. If visitors say anything about your place, let them know the Radison charges $100 a night.

  2. downward progress is always good. Great job on the C25K. I've looked into them, but I'm too scared to even start it.