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Monday, April 30, 2012

Surprise Surprise!

So, the last time I posted I was on my way out of town for my job's annual national conference.  The day I left, I got a letter in the mail.  A very important letter telling me I was APPROVED!  I called the doctor's office while I was driving to the conference, but had to leave a message.  For the next three days, we played phone tag, as I was in classes for most of the day, and couldn't get on my phone.

So, I called this morning, now that I am back home.  When I went in for my initial nutrition consult they were booked about 4-5 weeks out.  When I called today, they said I could come in for pre-op testing tomorrow!  Holy cow!!!  I was originally thinking late June / early July, so I had not arranged anything at work... or home.  There is no way I could pull off tomorrow so I pushed it back just a bit, but am officially scheduled!  I go for pre-op testing on the 11th, have my last consult with my doc on the 16th ( at which time I start my 1 week pre-op diet) and officially get banded on the 23rd of May!

Everything fell into place at work re: my coverage, and two of my sisters already volunteered to hang at the hospital with me for the day.  Only problem is I am not ready at home!  So, I need advice from you all.  I've trolled enough forums to have a general idea, but what things would you wish you had around the house.  Especially if it is something I need to track down or order off the internet.  I only have 3 weeks folks!  Help a sister out!


  1. yeay!!!!how exciting. My list, chicken broth sodium free or you will be gaining weight during your time off from all the sodium and get irked. sf pudding and popcicles...I loved the popcicles during recovery. sf jello, and yummy soups(smooth no chunks) I like trader joe soups. heating pad...a body pillow to sleep with..helps take the strain off your belly while sleeping. tylenol. life savers or equivalent...mouth gets dry. Movies to watch and lots of protein shake powder(I got vanilla--I can mix sf jello with it for flavors--orange is really good) and crystal light or favorite sipping drink and water. Make sure you stay hydrated or you will get nausuous and feel miserable---so excited for you!

  2. Congratulations! One thing I had to make sure to keep handy was a stuffed animal (boyfriend bought me a stuffed duck at the hospital). Surely anything soft and fluffy would suffice, but I found that if I sneezed, coughed, or laughed, my belly would jiggle and it was quite painful, but lightly pressing the duck up against my belly helped it not to jiggle so much. I had a lot of jello and crystal lite made (both red) but then when I got home from the hospital, I threw up the jello (the anesthesia made me nauseous), so I couldn't drink anything red after that. In retrospect, I wish I'd had more of a variety on hand.

  3. Hi Sara so glad we found each other! Mine scheduled for May 23rd too!!!!!! How freaking cool is that. I called earlier today and they had the 21st available. When I called back 2 hrs later to confirm, someone took it so they moved me to the 23rd!!!!!

    Ya....we can blog it up that week!

    1. Yeah! We are totally band buddies! 3 weeks from today!

  4. So exciting! I just got mine on May First! I am going to do a post about what I had on hand too, maybe tomorrow.