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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weekly Weigh in and other tidbits

Last week weight - 296.6
This week weight - 295.4
Loss of 1.2 lbs!

Woo-hoo! Yes, I know it is only a little tiny 1.2 lbs, but I was starting to get really nervous. I lost a ton the week of pre-op and the week of surgery, and then its been up, up, up since then. Only 2 weeks of gains, but I really wanted to get back on track before I gained back what I'd lost! So I was back to tracking this week, and managed to get to the gym at least 3 times.
I meet up with a friend of mine. She is a petite woman, but has joint issues (has had back / shoulder surgery). I'm pretty healthy, but the opposite of petite, so we work well together. We were doing Aqua Zumba, but realized that we weren't really getting as much as we needed out of the class any more so, we've started some Yoga classes. It is at the YMCA, so not crazy, but definitely harder than the aqua class! I have dreams of looking like this ---

Instead --- the class ends up going something like this -

I think it is going to be good for me though.  I get the nice sore feeling for the 2 days afterwards, just in time to go back again, and I know how important building muscle is... so I'm in for a while at least!

I go back to the band doc next Thursday, I cannot wait!  


  1. hey at least you are exercising! I would love to do yoga

  2. woohoo a loss!! Great job getting into the gym!

  3. Let us know how it goes at the band doc appt :)

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