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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Blast from the Past

Hey folks -

I know, I know... its been a while.  A few months in fact.  The fact is, life got busy and I got lazy with regards to my band.  It surprises me that it happened that quickly.  But, from reading all of your posts  (i'm still keeping up!) and the thousands of other internet blogs, posts etc, I know that this is not the end, and I only have to make the commitment to start again.

So to be horribly cliche, its a new year, and I'm beginning again.  I joined my fitness pal (sjsanto) and am looking for friends, if you use it as well.  I'm still going to WW but do to some financial changes I'm trying to move my sister and I to a "free" version (I've been supporting her for the 2 years - $80 a month in fees is killing me!)

Quick updates of the last couple of months - I started back to grad school - Went on Vacation - and totaled my car.  I hobbled away with a badly sprained ankle and some bruises, but the car was totaled, hence the "financial changes"

We'll start with some pics of my vacation - This was the solo cruise I took to the Caribbean   It was absolutely fantastic!  I went completely on my own, but met some fabulous people, had a great time and had some new experiences.

With regards to the wreck - Lets just say ouch.  Almost 6 weeks later, my ankle is still wonky, and hurts to walk on for any period of time.  Which has made gym work nearly impossible.  I'm going to start back with gentle yoga this week, and seek out a physical therapist next week to help figure out what I can do to get healed.

Just in case you were wondering - Heres a few pics of the wreck -

Yes, the last one is my beloved Ipad - No, I was not actually using it when I wrecked, but I was putting it away.  Do not drive while distracted.  Its no good!

I just want to say thanks to you all for sticking with me through my hiatus - I've been following your posts!  I was kind of scared that I'd come back and have no followers to speak of, so I'm very glad that is not the case!


  1. Hey lady! Glad to see you back!

  2. WElcome back to blogland. I've been MIA for a bit as well. It's hard to keep up sometimes. I'm so impressed you went on the cruise alone. I don't think I could do it, although it would be nice to only have to worry about what you want to do, and not another person.

    1. It has been one of my goals. I'm at the age where all my friends have husbands and kids so they are lacking in either time or money... so there is nobody free to travel with me. I was worried I would go forever without doing any of the traveling I wanted to. So i pretty much said screw it, i'm going by myself!