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Sunday, May 20, 2012

At least somewhat productive

Since I'm locked in the house this weekend... I've actually managed to have some "bursts" of energy for getting some stuff done!

Lawn - Mowed
Kitchen - Cleaned
Living Room - Cleaned
Bedroom - Cleaned
Bathroom - Scrubbed and cleaned
Laundry - in progress
Guest room - Cleaned and organized -  This is my spot for all my "extra" clothes - Size 14/16 - 26/28  mostly 18/20's and 22/24's  and 90% from Lane Bryant... I'll be so glad when I have other options!

One set of papers graded for school, one more to go, plus therapy notes from my EI kids, and I have to finish writing the final exam and the last two days of lecture for this week since a friend of mine is covering for me!

In other words, I'm making progress, but have a LONG way to go!  Good news is, I think I'm over the detox phase :-)  I still would not trust myself out at a restaurant or with major food around, but no stomach growlies and I'm hanging in there.  Wednesday morning is the big day.  Surgery at 10:30am, have to be there at 8....  t - 67 hours!  Holy CRAP!


  1. Sending love and support. My surgery is at 9am

    1. I'll be thinking of you Michelle! We are so close!

  2. so close....you sound like your nesting..too cute!

    1. Since I don't have kids, I'm sure this the closest I've gotten to nesting! I'm an over-preparer, and since I live by myself, I want to have everything done before hand. This way I just sleep and walk off gas pains :-)