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My name is Sara and I am on the quest for a better me! I was banded on May 23, 2012. Come join along and help me stay accountable!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Heading off to the hospital

I'm up early, showered and dressed - ready for my rides to get here... Yes my rides, plural.  My family sometimes loud and obnoxious, but I'm SOOO glad I have 3 people who are coming with me today.  I would have had more, but really wanted to keep the party to a dull roar, and told some they need to work!  I think there are shifts of people coming to hang with me after.  This is one of the best things about having a big family ;-)

I have not had time to get nervous before.  I was at work for 15 hours + yesterday,  didn't leave last night until 10:15 and then went to the store to get more of the shakes I like best.  No sleep until after midnight.
Staying busy was needed, but also a defense thing.  I work best when busy.  Now that I am sitting here, dressed and just waiting I AM NERVOUS.  I thought I was gonna puke earlier!  Sheesh!  Its like my body saved up the weeks worth of nerves and threw it on me in one day!  My hands are even a little shaky!  So I'm deep breathing and listening to some good Sing-out-loud music, hoping to chill.

If you have a moment today - send some positive vibes my way.  Surgery is at 10:30am eastern time

See you on the other side!


  1. Positive vibes and ((hugs)) coming your way! Check in with us when you feel up to it and let us know how you're doing.

  2. I was so nervous the day of my surgery. I think that is very normal. You will do fine. Good luck. Sending positive vibes your way.

  3. It will be over before you know it! Walk WAlk WAlk and I wish you a speedy recovery!

  4. You'll do great. See you on the other side!

  5. It is currently 10:29 am...vibes and prayers coming your way!!! You will do great!

  6. You'll DO GREAT :) Let us know when you're back from the hospital :)

  7. Been thinking about you all day! Sending you lots of prayers!