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Sunday, May 27, 2012

More advice needed - Just a few quick questions

Two things that I'm looking for some assistance on.

#1.  I am on the board of directors for a local non-profit.  We have a planning meeting for our big fundraiser this week.  It is before our regular meeting, so it is a pot-luck.  It is Thursday, so I will be on a "blenderized diet."  Here's my doc's version of this stage.

  • Applesauce, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, cream of wheat, scrambled / fried eggs, cottage cheese, refried beans, hummus, baby food, pureed meat, vegetables & fruit
  • You may puree food, using an automatic chopper with milk, broth, cream soup, or juice
  • You will be on this stage of the diet for 1 week.
So I'm looking for something quick / easy that I can bring, that I might be able to eat just a bite or two of.  It is not usually a full meal, as we have some vegetarians, special diets due to religious reasons, etc.  Usually salad, some appetizers and desserts.  Any suggestions on "livening" up some of the basics, i.e. cottage cheese, hummus etc?  was thinking about mashed potatoes, but I don't have a means to keep warm.

#2.  I've mentioned in the past that I am the oldest of 6 kids.  Kid #3 (yes, we are all grown, but still associate with our Kid #'s) is getting married in September and Kid #2 and I have always been the heavy ones.  Sister #2 (maybe better than Kid?) was about 50 lbs less than me when we started weight watchers in January 2011.  We have been using each other as support.  I also have been financially supporting her WW, since she is currently getting screwed over by the principal at her school who won't give her a certified teaching position.  She is in no way ready for WLS - and I want to continue to support her where she is at.  So, we are still going to WW meetings.  I figured I'd just use it as my "official ticker weigh-in."  Problem is I already had to explain an 8 lb loss after my pre-op diet, and per my scale at home I could be down around another 10.  AWKWARD!  Obviously I am not currently following the "plan."  How can I explain this when I go to weigh in?  Was thinking of just telling them I had a hernia surgery (not really true, but at least its an ab based surgery).  Am I starting off on the wrong foot trying to lie?  Should I give up the weekly meetings?  Any suggestions / advice?


  1. do you have a crock pot? You could put mashed potatoes in there to warm them up. then have toppings for people to add: cheese, bacon bits, sour cream. If you have a dip sized crockpot that would be perfect for refried beans as a dip and bring some kind of chips for other people.

  2. Do you feel like you have to explain weight loss to the weight watchers group? If they ask you how you lost could you just say, "I'm working out and sticking to my eating plan"

    I don't think you have to share your surgery with a group of people who will be incredibly judgemental... people who aren't losing as much weight as you are do get incredibly hateful.

    Regarding your potluck. You could bring a cool whip type salad. Eat your dinner before you go and have a little plate of dessert when you're there. Or what about little crustless cheesecakes in muffin wrappers. Hope that helps!!

    1. I am a natural over-explainer. Constantly downing why something good happened (i.e. when I get a compliment) and explaining away something not so good. Its an issue for me. I realize I need to work on it. I would not have to explain anything to the big group. I would ask that they not give my "award" during the actual meeting. It would just be the front desk lady who does the actual weighing.

      Thanks for the recipe tips too :-)

  3. I like Colleens response. I would do refried beans and cheese and bring chips for everyone and then I would do the beans...they are filling and yummy