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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 4 progress and questions for pros

It's day 4.  I feel pretty good overall.  Getting up and down from couch and bed is getting easier and less painful.  I moved to full liquids yesterday which was very welcome.

I've found that my doc is not nearly as specific as some of them out there.   There are no specifics re: calorie counts, protein counts, or actual amounts of food / liquids.  His core thoughts are liquids vs solids - and no real difference between types / quality of liquids vs solids.  Here's what I have

Two days after surgery:

  • Full, creamier liquids
  • Try: milk, vegetable juice, strained cream soups, pudding, yogurt
  • Restart supplement drinks twice per day (does not have to be low carb, can try Ensure, Boost, Carnation Instant Breakfast)
  • Restart fiber supplement (2x per day), chewable vitamin (1 per day), and chewable calcium supplement (2 per day)
  • You will be on a clear liquid diet then a full liquid diet for a total of one full week.

So you see, no specifics.  I thought most of my gas pain was gone, as I have no more pain in my shoulder, however it is still somewhat difficult to take a deep breath.  Is this normal?  Still gas pains? I ate 2 oz's of yogurt this am with a bit of extra protein powder (taking at least 30 minutes to do so.) Now I'm wondering if that might have been to much.  How did you tell in the beginning?  Any suggestions?  Things to watch out for? I would really appreciate any advice any of you pro's have out there!


  1. don't stress. We were told to keep our portions to 2 oz at a time and take 20 minutes to eat that 2 oz.
    Just go slow and if you can't finish your two oz that is totally fine, come back to it later when you get hungry. Protein was always our doctor, nurse, and dietitian's main focus. You're going to have a hard time getting much more than 800 calories so don't even bother tracking that right now.
    Gas pains will be there for at least the week. but every day it gets a little better.

  2. That pain in your shoulder could be referred pain my an irritated diaphragm. Could still be some retained gas or the band or tubing itself is doing it. I still get it every now and again, usually after a larger meal when I'm a little backed up.

    My Dr's instructions for the first two weeks of liquids. It was all about allowing the stomach to heal with out having to work to digest anything. I was told not to focus on calories for the most part, but to stay hydrated and any weight loss during that period was a bonus.

    Go slow! I seem to remember it taking 20-30 mins to drink an 8 oz protein shake.

  3. Hi Sara... I'm gassy has hell today...so I think we are on track with normal. My doc office same thing eat small liquids only .... Nothing on portions yet. But I've yet to be hungry, I don't think I'm barely making the 500 cal mark, but drinking tons of water. Been walking alot too, but I'm still tired. Took nap yesterday for 3 hrs and ready to go take another one here.

    To me you sound like your right on schedule.

  4. My instructions are to get 75 gm protein and 64-80oz of fluids a day. Have t yet made the liquids but finally reached protein goal yesterday :) you're doing great!

  5. I was using a spirotech(sp?) to help with breathing so you don't end up with fluid in lungs? So if your doc gave you one of those practice taking deep breaths every couple of hours. Keep on walking and sipping don't look at the scale!